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top stories

:flash: jPod – the next coupland novel jpod gots quite the freaky website.

:flash: Chuck Pahlaniuk on living as a story that you’ve created – “A Chuck Pahlaniuk lecture on non-protest activism, dealing with living life as a narrative of your own devising, amongst other things.” the lecture is actually much less pretentious than its title implies.

:flash: A Swarm of Angels » Remixing cinema – “You can help invent the future of film by joining the Swarm in creating a £1 million pound film and giving it away to over one million people in one year.” [via bb] and the kleptones will be producing the music.

awards and festivals

:flash: Webby Awards 2006 – webby awards have a good model, there is a jury and a people’s award. great: wmmna won in blog culture/personal! huge congratz, regine.

:flash: memefest 2006 – the deadline of memefest 2006 is coming up, may 20.

:flash: MIXEDMEDIA – “Mixed Media is an event of electronic culture which does not want to give an exhaustive panorama of the practices and disciplines which animate this world in continuous evolution,” on and on, blah blah, whatever, any reason to go to milan is good enough for us…

politics in unusual places

:flash: Jobs gets out of the Happy Meal business – “Steve Jobs doesn’t care too much for the food at McDonald’s or at minimum he wants to stop using it to promote Disney/Pixar films to kids.”

:flash: German ‘Robin Hoods’ give poor a taste of the high life – “A GANG of anarchist Robin Hood-style thieves, who dress as superheroes and steal expensive food from exclusive restaurants and delicatessens to give to the poor, are being hunted by police in the German city of Hamburg.” thats the spirit.

musical goodies

:flash: :: My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts :: – my life in the bush of ghosts has launched the announced remix project.

:flash: Village People – Sex Over the Phone – the hilarious and rather steamy village people follow-up to YMCA [via 4rthur]


:flash: To baldly go – “There are men, and I am one of them, who fear baldness the way some people fear the apocalypse.” after reading this, i demand my hair back.

:flash: Sickipedia – building the worlds best collection of sick jokes; ok, just one example, ait? “What do Michael Jackson and WalMart have in common? They both have boys’ pants half off.” [via b3ta]

:flash: photos of bulls and cows – i adore the bulltear. [via 4rthur]

:flash: Game Beta – cute penaltykick game, but, like, is there a worldcup coming up, or sumink?

think global – act local

:flash: brn blg mndy 1st mndy in mnth – bloggy monday in bern first monday each month.

:flash: Dreister Artikelklau – “Nun ist dieses Archiv-Blog ja kein Aggregator, sondern schlicht ein Blog, das sich gerne mit Werbung finanzieren möchte. Dagegen ist grundsätzlich nichts einzuwenden, sofern man sich nicht mit fremden Federn schmückt.”

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