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halliburton survivaball

Dearest Donor,

We are very, very sorry to report that your donation to the Yes Men was squandered on a fabulous new look for Halliburton!

In case you haven’t seen it, please do go have a peek at

YOU MADE THIS HAPPEN with your generous donation, and we really appreciate it. This is the first time we have made an appeal to our subscribers, and we were shocked and overjoyed to find that it worked… we were able to raise around $4,000 this way, which covered a great deal of our expenses for having the costumes made, getting to the conference, etc. And an art gallery in germany will show the survivaballs, making up the balance of our expenses. Yeee-haw!

another great speech by theyesmen delivered May 9 at Lexis-Nexis “Catastrophic Loss” conference, Ritz-Carlton, Amelia Island, Florida; photos and the speech.
i so need a SurvivaBall™

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