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[stuffs what gots stuck in my browser tabs this last week]

footish corner

:flash: time for a cuppa – ok, this is fun, throw teabags and try to hit the football shaped cuppa that moves around the room. nice splashage.

:flash: The Simple Game – and yet another football flash game intended to go “viral”. and again we wonder, might there be a worldcup coming up or sumink?

:flash: Footballers Wives Game – “everyone plays dirty. Not a sports fan? Not a problem. Not familiar with the BBC America primetime show? Not to worry. When you play the game you create your own soap opera. Being a Footballer and a Footballer’s wife has its advantages, but it isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be.”

:flash: Ti amo campionato – the whole story regarding juventus cheats and the corruption in the italian calcio turned into a song presented in an absurd italian tv setting, ci siamo. [via wmmna]

:flash: franz van der grunen – hossa, franziska sent me the missing panini on page 27, i am teh psyk3d.


:flash: if the earth was a sandwich – another brillant ze frank project, here’s the song. so relevant it makes not only him want to throw up. *gulp*

:flash: Mojizu – A Contemporary Character Design Community – imagine pictoplasma adopting a myspace/community approach – which will never happen, of course. and that’s exactly why mojizu had to step up to fill the gap.

:flash: V-scratch – valerio spoletini, a graduating student at the
university of art & design lausanne [is it just me or does this guy really look a lot like me?] creates a tool, using the processing scripting language, that visualises dj scratches. [via wmmna]

:flash: BD tshirts – everybody tries to cash in on football, BD decides to sell tshirts of beards and pipes. now thats kewl. [via leu]

:flash: Per SMS und Internet zum Widerstand – “In 60 spanischen Städten fordern Jugendliche bezahlbareWohnungen.” and we was there. well, almost. well, we were. but, oh its a long story.


:flash: BBC News ‘wrong Guy’ is revealed – the bbc thinks the guy is the expert they’ve invited, the guy thinks it is part of his job interview. oh lord, what a royal mixup. [both via nouvo]

:flash: derek abbott’s animal sound page – frog sound in different languages: “kvæk-kvæk kwak kwak croak/ribbit (USA) kvaak croa croa quaak quaak quak-quak bre-ke-ke/kuty kurutty/kurutty (pron: kurutch) cra cra kero kero kva-kva croac croac ko ack ack ack vrak vrak” i am not kidding [via bb]


:flash: Derek And Clive Monkeys – the tragic tale of how jane mansfield got them lobsters up her bum, and don’t missunderstand him, a nice bum it is … [via b3ta]

:flash: Bad Joke Generator – enter a theme and some keywords to generate bad jokes galore. [via 4rthur]

:flash: jan just got OWNED!!! – you can insert any name, really, jan is JUST an example. i nevar evar get pwned!!!1 [warning: some sick images in there]

geek corner

:flash: 2LDK end song – ok, anyone who has seen the japanese splatter movie 2DLK and wonders who made the marvelous end song, the song is by this little known artist ando yuko and the song is called “rinjin ni hikari ga sasu toki”, but i could not actually find it on her website either. so that went well…

:flash: BRUCE STERLING AUDIO DOWNLOAD | MAzine – and our weekly bruce sterling rant give us today [via wmmna]

:flash: Katamari Damacy performance – performance group plays scenes from games in real-life settings, here katamari damacy.

:flash: Meditation Found To Increase Brain Size – “People who meditate grow bigger brains than those who don’t.” hate to say i told you so.

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