ars electronica prix 2006: the golden nicas

prix ars electronica 2006 ars electronica 2006
the golden nicas
awards of distinction
honorary mentions

more after i clicked through all this …

edit: after clicking through the net vision and the digital communities categories just a few quick thoughts:

1. observation: web-design definitly seems to have left the building. some of the honoured sites look like they were produced pre-1995 …

2. observation: quite on the contary from some other awards we know, no names mentioned here, prix ars electronica still seems to accept its social and political responsibilty and keeps assuming the role as a supporter of worthy causes, canal*ACCESSIBLE, “PROYECTO CYBERELA – RADIO TELECENTROS”, Codecheck. but this year i do wonder if quality was defined with too strong a focus on content?

3. observation: the overall quality of most websites that won a nica or awards of distinction is surprisingly low this year. in websites quality is strongly defined by content and idea, but also by design, presentation, communication, usability. the latter elements are missing in quite a few of the honoured websites.

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