going postal

returning to bern after my lenghty stay in the swiss mountains i found 2 surprises in my mailbox

exhibit A:
exhibit a
exhibit A is a huge cardboardbox held together by this unbreakable plastic-“string”, the one that will cut your fingers, if you try to rip it. inside the box i find the following (listed by size): crumbled paper, a catalogue for wine [?], a letter saying this was sent to me by “our customer Wurzeltod” and a small plasticbag containing a sensational item named: little feet. now, in case you don’t know yet, little feet is 25 pieces of plastic, shaped like little feet – obviously – and containing two practical holes each, which allow you to keep your socks together, when you are doing a wash.
these are some of the bold claims: “never again you’ll have to untangle socks”, “this practical helper should not be missing in any household”, “choose a color for each houshold member” [there are 5 colors: yellow, orange, red, and blue] and “100% thermoplastic”, whatever that means.
ta ta ta missie W, what a great surprise!

exhibit B:
exhibit b
exhibit B are 4 neatly packaged stacks of paper, the pieces of paper come in different sizes and are obviously handcut. on the biggest package it says: “hobby work free – note paper for you to write your positive thoughts on. later put these ideas into action. just in favor of the one’s you thought of”.
i know, i know, it does not make sense, and my translation from german to english obviously does not help much.
but i am sooo touched.
just imagine some person – from the writing one suspects an elderly person – making all these packages of note paper and distributing them in town … trying to spread the good news … oowwwww.
oh. and there also 4 handmade cards made of images, that were cut out of magazines. who wants me to send them one?
ps: some of my neighbors were not as impressed as i was. their stacks are now lying on top of the mailbox, collecting the rain.

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