new herbert album scale w. microsite

herbert scale

always the sampling whizz herbert for his new album scale has sampled 723 objects, among them “coffins, petrol pumps, meteorites, an RAF tornado bomber and somebody being sick outside a banquet for a notorious london arms fair”. apparently. lol.

the music sounds innovative as ever, the only thing that scares me is the “free mp3” thingie. it says you get a free mp3 if you send an ecard to 3 friends. however it does not specify what happens with the the emails that get collected in such a way.

so i was scared and i, some guy named “true” living on Dangerislands in NZ, sent emails to my spam collector emails, of which i got a few new ones, wircklich[at]nurfuerspam[dot]de (mit schreibfehler wars noch frei), 100pro[at]nurfuerspam[dot]de and wuerstchen[at]vorsicht-scharf[dot]de hah, but only funny in german i’m afraid.

but anyway. i got my free mp3, and i am happy as a sausage.

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