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[stuffs what gots stuck in my browser tabs this last week] in no particular order

:flash: linking-16.png (PNG Image, 1062×504 pixels) – ben fry showed this very interesting graphic during his presentation in barcelona. it illustrates which of the top 50 blogs link to eachother. notice how the top10 blogs just link to each other? and mostly upwards?

:flash: VIRAL COMMUNICATION HOTBED – interview with andrea natella of, some interesting thoughts comparing european and american cultural jammers.

:flash: STALDER: THE FUTURE OF DIGITAL COMMUNITIES – interview with felix stalder of the nettime mailing list re: the future of digital communities. stalder‘s private website offers loads of papers by felix stalder released under a CC license, if one would find the time …

:flash: ajax advert makes interesting article unreadable – ugh, see, that’s what we get from having everybody re-activate their javascript. if you accidentally hold your mouse over the advert in the top-right corner it will make an otherwise interesting article unreadable. at least here on camino it does. please, somebody stop that junk.

:flash: The Document Which Was Formerly Called The MIT Guide to Lockpicking – i now want to learn how to lockpick. reading joey comeau’s lockpick pornography made me do it, fully.

:flash: My Old Kentucky Blog: Love Will Tear Us Apart – love will tear us apart, quite a few versions of it. [gracias el otro miguel, esse]

:flash: Laughing Yogi, Crying Monk – indian guru promotes laughing as therapy, and it’s very scary.

:flash: can’t talk right now, i’m rocking. – odd/vulnerable/wild video of raymi rocking a broom.

:flash: I Play For England – ccc had a go on the england squad theme song.

:flash: Solid Steel Podcast – better late than never, solid steel, the ninja tune radio show is of course avaialable as a podcast [via]

:flash: BayToBreakers Katamari – bay to breakers, the SF city race, of course had a katamari damacy crü.

:flash: Sudoku mit Ajax – ajax-driven sudoku online game. [via bytezh]

:flash: Akismet Stats – see, spammers are going nuts. [via sis]

:flash: BLOGKRITIK.CH :: Und Ihr Blog? – blattkritik finds linguistic gems in swiss blogs, its about time somebody did this. lang:de

guy goma corner

:flash: guy goma will not be facing deportation – “Guy has asked me to let your site visitors that his immigration status was clarified some three years ago and he is free to live (and work) indefinitely in the UK.”

:flash: guy goma is set for a showbiz career – “Guy Goma, the mystery TV pundit mistakenly grilled by BBC reporters, is set for a showbiz career after being signed by a celebrity publicist.” he also got himself a publicist, it appears.

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