not just 1, 2 excellent mixies me likee

bush war cover

:flash: bush warfare 2006 – liberation chabalala versus the war on terror [the mp3 is here – 128kbps, 72.8MB torrent and 360kbps mp3 on site] – “BUSH WARFARE 2006 is militant cut’n paste soundklash, the bastard child of the war against piracy and the war against terror. In 80 minutes the mix samples more than 320 sources, most of them protests against the the new age of war and its most prominent leader.” wild, cut’n’pastey, intense.

:flash: 05/27/06 :: Digital::Nimbus [Show 187] feat. ROB HALL (Skam) *MIX* [the mp3 file is here – 84M] – a floating spacey downbeat mix featuring rob hall of skam rec.

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