i have this new silly habit, i keep saying “for fucks sake”, in mock-cockney accent, like that british actor, older guy, very thin, wears very VERY thick glasses. can’t remember his name tho, hmmm. anyone know his name?
anyway, i’ve seen him in a few movies and nobody says “ffs” like he does. he is the undisputed “ffs” master. and it’s highly addictive to mutter ffs under your breath to comment … oh, anything really.

but right now i am saying ffs because of spammers. again. thanx to the captcha no spam gets through in comments any longer. however some really intelligent guys have started to use my “suggest a link” form to send me spam. uhm, guys, don’t you get it? only i see that. it’s just me. it just mean i am having to delete them. so chill.

can someone please send me a “normal” email via that form, puuuhhllleaasse, or i might have to take that form away from the damn spammers.

also: i am confused about this. what is this a viral for? hungrr.com

and: care to adopt a character from pictoOrphanage? pictoplasma has launched an adoption programm intended to liberate characters from their 2D confinement. adopt a character and get this:

character adoption 2character adoption
character adoption 3character adoption 4

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