6 6 6 is over and we are still alive? what now?

i for one was convinced the world would end yesterday.
6 6 6, them numbers of teh beast.
i was also convinced that al-kaida would use this catchy date for one of their attacks; so far they have been so very smart picking their dates: 9/11, 7/7 3/4 etc.
well, none of it happend.
quite on the contrary, actually, it seems that many couples took advantage of the catchy date to get married yesterday – at the church of satan of course … argh … just kidding.

so now what?

as usual, keep blogging is the catch-all answer. yet again. hah.

and here we go:

great amnesty international trompe l'oeil campaign in switzerland

this clumsy photograph does not do it justice, but there currently is a great amnesty international campaign in switzerland. they are using the trompe l’oeil technique to great effect, the text says: its not happening here. but now

more info: here
more and better photos: here

this picture was taken on saturday 3.6.2006 schanzenstrasse, bern. in the meantime the poster has already dissappeared… why?

has also blogged this: stillalive.ch

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