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footie overload. oder: wie die wichtigste nebensache der welt zur nebensächlichsten hauptsache wird

“The TV, the music, the fashion – it all goes to make up Rio Ferdinand” – Rio Ferdinand [via popbitch newsletter]

:flash: anti-WM-blog – [in german] covers the problematic politics surrounding an event of this scale. and here’s the anti-football rap video.

:flash: Rice Pudding with Cinnamon – for us the worldcup is about food, not footie. we usually cook a speciality from the country we support on the day. today’s menu: cote d’ivoire.

:flash: the worldcup played by ants – yeah, sadly you read that right.

:flash: World Cup Death Watch – “Between now and June 19th, guess how many people will perish worldwide in World Cup-related violence between June 9th and July 9th. Whoever comes closest wins a WFMU Messenger bag filled with CDs, T-shirts and other sundry WFMU crapola.” i can’t decide if i should laugh or cry about this contest. some of the links they have are cool, tho.

:flash: Hideous company sends Boing Boing a pre-emptive nastygram – tv-rights-holder company sends out pre-emptive warning letters.

:flash: footiefox – the firefox footie extension.

:flash: beckham lifts in 2006 – you can all go home now, england has won it.

:flash: playboy’s wm team – and last but very much least, do not click this link! yeah, yeah, even german playboy’s latest edition is dedicated to the worldcup. duh.

the rest

:flash: Katamari AIDS – AIDS awareness animation film done by [via sis]

:flash: Pirate Demonstration – a photoset on Flickr – photos of the pirate demonstration in sweden. copyfight goes street.

:flash: YouTube – Burn Station – Free Audio Culture! – ” Documentation video about Burn Station, a free/open music distribution project by”

:flash: London Pirate Listening Station. – “The London pirate listening station streams london FM pirate transmissions to the global community via the internet.”

:flash: Pandora – Find New Music, Listen to Custom Internet Radio Stations – Can you help me discover more music that I’ll like? type in an artists you like and it will give you suggested music.

:flash: Entourage Season 2 Now Available on DVD! – tv serie entourage has a new website with some cool music apps, a sequencer and a beatbox.

:flash: ART AND REVOLUTION Artistic Activism During Long 20th Century – “In this study, author Gerald Raunig presents prolific material for the analysis of the diverse relations of exchange between art and activism based on a poststructuralist revolution theory” [ via rebelart]

:flash: Wired News: The Kinsey of Clicking – “What are the effects of information addiction on your life together?” […] “2. What really sucks is when you’re both infomaniacs and there’s only one computer. 3. Watching someone else surf is the single most frustrating thing.”

:flash: How to Spin a Pencil Around Your Thumb – WikiHow – this happens to be the most viewed howto on wikihow, home of “The How-To Manual That Anyone Can Write or Edit”.

:flash: Serial killers and notorious murders in the Serial Killer Calendar – the 2007 calendar of choice? erm [via 4rthur]

:flash: 17632.swf (application/x-shockwave-flash Object) -an inside look at flash.

:flash: 162862529_6ae46f7109_o.jpg (JPEG Image, 1024×793 pixels) – katamari damacy in my wife‘s bag.

:flash: Tom Moody – this is a so-called performace gif, via rhizome.

:flash: Pjotro – The man with the musical suit – make the man dance creates music.

swiss interest

:flash: IMPLOZ – events – the excellent swiss techno open air party/festival in the jura swiss mountains announces its programm.

:flash: Concours d’étiquettes pour la fête nationale avec Christoph Blocher – contest asks to create a wine label mocking CF blocher. gout de bouchon is my fave so far.

:flash: digitalbrainstorm – eventMaywa Denki will have an appearance in switzerland soon, Sonntag 2. Juli, 21 Uhr, Kunstraum Walcheturm – Zürich
:flash: ringtones only audible to people under 25? – this ringtone uses a frequency that can usually only be heard by people bellow 25. helpful in some situations. school comes to mind. but asked the other way around, if i hear it, and i do, does that mean i am bellow 25? [via stillalive]

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