ArtCast Benefit feat. DJ Spooky

oh gawd. teh dilemna. dj sppoky is playing an artcast benefit in basel this coming thursday:

Thursday we’ll have quite a special event, an event by and for ArtCast: We have DJ Spooky (!) with us, celebrating ArtCast’s first anniversary! So there’s two events we’d like to invite all friends of ArtCast to:
artcast icon
* 15:30 – 16:30, ArtLobby, Hall 1 (ArtUnlimited): Paul Miller (aka DJ Spooky) speaking about his latest book «Rhythm Science»
* 19:00 – 21:00, Bar Rouge top floor of Switzerland’s tallest building, the Messeturm Basel – DJ Spooky’s live ArtCast remix!

This really is the event to be that day. So see you there.

“This really is the event to be that day. So see you there.” ??? Hannes seems to have trouble believing it himself. but it’s true.

for a minute there i was almost tempted to interrupt my exclusive cultural diet aka the worldcup. but just in time i remembered how dj spooky shot my ears the last time i went to see him. the tinitus is still aringin, thank you very much.

so, this will be a great event. but all people who plan to attend, please remember to take oropax.

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