fussball regiert ??? nicht genug

fussball regiert ... ??? ... nicht genug
fussball regiert ... ??? ... nicht genug

this might not make the news. because they forgot to put weights at the bottom of the banners.

today, bern, federal building, new federal council doris leuthard is about to start her public acceptance speech out on the bundesplatz. two women have climbed the scaffolding in front of the federal building to unfold two banners. the wind makes reading them very hard, one of them i can’t read, the other says: “something something nicht genug”. ok. i was able to read it, actually, it said “zwei frauen nicht genug” = two women are not enough. two minutes later, the women are arrested, the banners have dissappeared. some weights would have made this a much more successful, because readable protest.

two days after greenpeace this also looked kinda copycatty.

PLUS: wtf is that “fussball regiert” sign??? football governs? go away.

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