2nd sticker awards on stickeraward.net

this just in, via email:

sticker awards 2006

hello friends, artists and everyone,

you are invited to take part in our 2nd sticker awards on stickeraward.net

it is starting june 15 and lasts til august 30, 2006.

you can win:
1st prize: 5000 stickers of your design in full colour and die cut
2st prize: 2000 stickers of your design in full colour and die cut
3st prize: 1000 stickers of your design

all the winners are part of the sticker awards exhibition in autum 2006 and will be featured in the publication about the contest.

please send the data of your artwork (photo or graphic) in the same way as last year: have a look at http://stickeraward.net for the upload of your sample.

the publication of all participants works from the 2005 contest is still available at publishing house “die gestalten verlag” – take a look.

Here some details on this production:

Title: Stickers. From the first international stickeraward.
Design & layout: Wildsmile Studios, Dresden, Germany
Publisher: Der Gestalten Verlag, Berlin, Germany
Size: 14 x 21 cm
Number of Pages: 320
Extras: Stickersheet with about 35 designs on weatherproof vinyl

the jury this year will consist of:

Dom Murphy, Birmingham, stickernation.net
Chris Sauve, Vancouver, adbusters.org
Ed Marzewski, Chicago, lumpen.com
Oliver Vodeb, Ljubljana, memefest.org
Alain Bieber, Hamburg, rebelart.net
Andreas Ullrich, Dresden, stickeraward.net

please spread the news about the sticker awards 2006 and I hope to see your artwork online …

keep up the good work,

andreas ullrich ///.stickeraward.net

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