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Chatsum: The FireFox chat extension. On the web, no one can hear you scream… Until now.

chatsum is a FireFox extension that allows you to chat with other visitors while checking out a website – at least in theory this is what it does. [here is the brandnew chatsum wikipedia page]
i installed it awhile ago and tested it a few times, but its not been working so well for me. partly the problem might be that FF is not my primary browser. woooowhh, hold your horses, i use camino and shiira, both based on the mozilla engine. the problem is that FF drives my CPU up the wall, frequently pushing it to 100%. especially when i have a site with flash open in my tabs.

but back to chatsum, mostly it has not worked for me, because i never actually met another chatsum user while visiting a site. i found their notes and tags, which can be fun, but with a tool like this it would only get really exiting, if you’d actually meet another surfer. i guess for this project to work it is crucial for it to reach a critical mass of users, which clearly it it has not done yet. and how could it, since it is still in beta. but then again who isn’t? in beta i mean… oh flickr. in gamma. yeah.

anyway, today chatsum is inviting for a potentially great event. i will be there if i can figure out what GMT time stands for…

It is our pleasure to request your company, online, for the Private View of the Royal College of Art’s The Show: Part Two 2006.

We will be exhibiting Chatsum alongside the work of around 200 other graduating Masters students from several different art and design disciplines. As with the physical show, you will be able to see much of the work online via the Show Catalogue ( so, please make sure your Chatsum is in Page Chat Mode if you wish to discuss a particular piece. The catalogue site should be live for the private view.

All Chatsum chat content will be being displayed within the show itself so if you want to know more about a particular piece you may be able to ask someone in the physical space to find out more for you.

So please join us at between 10am and 9pm GMT+01:00 on Thursday 22nd June where operators will be on hand to guide you around the show site.

To find out more about the show before then, please visit:

We hope to see you there,

Team Chatsum

[disclaimer: this post was done in FF [CPU 37%] with chatsum open, where i was glad to see that no one has commented in my blog admin area yet …]

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