the good spam offers link exchange

ok. so i am confused. well, just a little actually. yesterday i received an email from an online sextoy vendor. the email arrived on one of my main email addresses:

I noticed you link to on your webpage I am emailing to ask you to link to our site,, since we also offer adult toys. You can put a free link to your site in our directory if you would like, at


i am hesitant to even call this spam. actually, i don’t think it is. even if it still feels like spam.

but think about it, these guys went through the trouble of searching and referencing a blogpost of mine. [ok, they got the link wrong, but hey]
next they did a whois search for this domaine to find my contact email, where they contacted me. and finally they offer a link exchange.
so in a weird way, this feels kinda ok.

i am still not interested tho, thank you very much.


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