spy rod & designs for a computer obsessive

two cool works i discovered via the chatsum online meetup RCA summer art show thingie yesterday:

SpyRod by yumiko tanaka

SpyRod by yumiko tanaka

“SpyRod is a camera, which has a long stick and fishing line.” is all that it says on the website, the further info link seems to currently be broken. but the video explains it all. what a fun idea. and its great to watch the kids using the camera on the fishing rod to get into bushes and such.

yumiko tanaka’s website

Design For the Computer Obsessive by Joe Malia

Design For the Computer Obsessive

“What happens when a proportion of the people using a new technology see it to be so enticing that they are willing to sacrifice every other aspect of their lives in order to engage with it?
In most instances, people can comfortably moderate their use of computers and the Internet. Occasionally however, some individuals feel compelled to indulge to an excessive degree, disrupting their lives and fracturing relationships. This uncontrolled behaviour displays many characteristics of addiction.
This project centers on the role design can play in guiding these individuals through their turbulent affair with the technology.”

what an amazing visualisation of internet addiction or any form of addiction having to do with computers. imagine wearing this in summer, when its nice out, hot etc. yet we do.

joe malia’s website

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