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[some of teh glorious interweb what gots stuck in my camino browser tabs this last week]

the mess is the message corner [in no particular order]

:flash: Look Here 4 Future Updates – textamercia turns into a pay service and announces it will delete all free accounts; and no backup tools are on offer. except a windows only tool that imports it to hmmm, should i go ahead and download all my images by hand???

:flash: Extortr: online blackmail for the masses – nifty web 2.0 blackmail tool. hilarious.

:flash: Tutte le luci di Christina Kubisch – after daft punk have shown their movie electroma in cannes, this digicult-mag article takes a look at how club culture gets represented in movies.

:flash: MICHAEL KRITZER ~ Shumidor™ – "f you are one of the many who have odor problems with your shoes caused by sweaty feet […] the Shumidor is here to help." somebody should buy a couple of these for our downstaira neighbors. walking past their smelly shoes daily is pure torture. [via gizmodo]

:flash: Urban Dictionary: bromadrosis – and we learned a new word.

:flash: an amazingly low-rent Kersal masssive sound-board (application/x-shockwave-flash Object) – remember the kersal massive video? lil kev? the video that got bluetoothed to gavin on the bus while driving past Levenshulme? i used it in this podcast. and so here, finally, the kersal massive sound board. [via b3ta]

:flash: Improv Everywhere Mission: Best Buy – 80 people dressed up as best buy sales persons went into a store to assist customers. hmmm. great idea.

:flash: Exhaust Insertions! – "Help keep Britain tidy – please dispose of your litter in an appropriate manner" this guy thinks shoving veggies and other stuff into a car’s exhaust pipe is the way to accomplish it. [via b3ta]

:flash: The Devil’s Guide to Google – "1. Start a spam blog with Use Google News to send automated email alerts on any conceivable high-paying topic to your Blogger’s blog-by-mail address." i know they are joking, but loads of idjuts will soooo missunderstand this.

:flash: Office CC plug-in – “Microsoft has released a free Office plug-in that enables you to mark Office documents (Word, Excel and PowerPoint) with Creative Commons licenses.” as in, jumping the bandwagon very late, but its still quite cool.

:flash: Scruffs – Hardcore – mock porn advert for scruffs work wear. for some reason this reminds me of the suva commercial we have on swiss tv now, where workers get a huge reception at their construction site with red carpet and all.

:flash: myokclub – photoshopped [at least i think] project showing a gang of asian guys fighting famous politicians and bill gates. [via vvork]

:flash: Extreme Diet Coke and Mentos Experiment – nothing but diet coke and mentos was used for a rather bubbly performance.

:flash: ‘Solar tattoo’ inks you while you enjoy the warmth of the sun – sounds relatively painless meaning this could be my kind of a tatoo.

:flash: il bracciale dell’estate – a similar idea than above. tic tac packages in italy come with braclets that will suntan shapes onto kid’s arms. the motives are geared towards kids, but imagine this using some different shapes.

:flash: GOBELINS – Galerie – Cinéma d’animation – as usual it is best not to piss off the monkey when on a safari … even if you are a bot from outter space.

:flash: An Unfair War – anti-war machinima video built on the sims engine.

:flash: LEVERS – great flash game puzzle where you have to create a spinning mobile.

:flash: Dell laptop explodes at Japanese conference – "The damn thing was on fire and produced several explosions for more than five minutes".

the football is getting soooo boring corner

:flash: – Der "massive Import" von Prostituierten für die Fußball-WM stößt in Frankreich auf Unverständnis und Zorn.

:flash: bora.herke stilbüro – 32 soccer balls, quilted. one for each qualified country. but the swiss one sucks ass.

:flash: more sexy footie girls – and a nurse – kinda silly sexy football photo strip, but when the nurse shows up things get really hilarious imho. the injured girl of course needs mouth to mouth.

the i am very st00pid corner

hannes says to me, “say what? you do not encrypt your email?”
so i look around and find this

:flash: Configuring GnuPG (Mac OS X) – zeitform Internet Dienste – very handy howto secure email on a mac…

yet i am still too stoopid to get it to work.

help please.

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