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[teh glorious interweb what got stuck in my camino tabs this past week]

serious serious interweb

:flash: welcome to country x – matthew herbert and friends are starting a new country. online. i am a citizen, i think, but i am not sure i understand what this is about … yet. [via de-bug]

:flash: Steal This Wikisteal this book as a wiki; probably a good idea in order to update all the information in this classic book.

:flash: Lost map – a map gathering all the facts and data available up to this point of the tv series lost.

:flash: Bodenständig 2000 are opting out of iTunes – "the German bitpop group Bodenständig 2000 sent out an email blast the other day announcing that the band finally managed to opt out of iTunes." because they hate the DRM.

:flash: Laptop DJ Tutorial: The Perfect Mix – ahhhh great info, if you have a PC.

:flash: DJ Request Policy T-shirt – the tshirt for djs who hate to get bugged with requests. even if this might come off rather arrogant, as an ex-dj i understand the feeling. [via beatmixed]

:flash: Popgadget: spamshirtspamshirt makes it to popgadget, finally. but hey.

:flash: International Chindogu Society – portable zebra crossing. [via pasta & vinegar]

:flash: Another Crate Piece from Melbourne – tetris with crates. one of those great ideas we wish we had…

:flash: Amanda UnBoomed: Amanda UnBoomed – amanda leaves rocketboom.

:flash: Amanda UnBoomed: For the Record – amanda leaves rocketboom continued. was she fired or did she quit?

:flash: // CODE HUNTERS by Ben Hibon – one of the best animations i have seen in a looooong time, kinda like tank girl.

:flash: To Google or Not to Google – "It’s official: Google (Nasdaq: GOOG) really is a verb now. The Oxford English Dictionary" [via digg]

pirated pirated interweb

:flash: The Pirate Party US – pirate party us website launched.

:flash: Parti Pirate » French Pirate Party is born ! – pirate party france launched.

footie footie interweb

:flash: Dishonest Ronaldo – the english have a new scapegoat for not making it to the finals.

:flash: 2006 FIFA World Cup Best Young Player Award – in fact, please vote for VALENCIA Luis (ECU) here. he is in a promising second place, your vote might make sure cristiano ronaldo won’t win this award.

:flash: World Cup Death Watch – we wondered if we should laugh or cry when they launched this at blog.wfmu. meanwhile the count has gone up to 63 worldcup related deaths and it’s cry.

:flash: ali g interviews posh spice and david beckham – not new, but still very funny. and now on youtube.

humerous humerous interweb

:flash: YouTube – Ted Hitler – in an attempt to prevent blogger cover-ups stephen colbert comes right out and admits that he is in fact adolf hitler’s great grandson.

:flash: SeisMac – did you always wish your mac was also an earthquake detector? coming right up.

:flash: YouTube – Nina Hagen & Heino – a match made in heaven

:flash: Weebls Stuff – Mouse Balancing – mouse balancing game by the weebls. super hard.

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