but what did materazzi say to zidane?

its truely tragic what happened last night, i mean, i don’t like the french. but zinedine zidane i always kinda respected. very great player, very humble man.
and now this.
in his last international game.
will this forever after taint the image we have of this guy?
zidane’s wikipedia entry was already changed accordingly.
the video has been YouTubed.

zizou headbut
[click to watch a better anim gif]

it would not make a huge difference, because the gesture is inexcusable.
but come on guys, communicate already, what did materazzi tell zidane that maid him lose his marbles like that?
was it a racist provocation?
was it something else?
can’t someone who is able to read lips make out what materazzi said to zidane already?

yet zidane still won golden ball award for player of the turnament [much better than the blue balls award]? how could that be possible with a gesture like that?
sends out the very wrong signal as well.

btw. why did the french lose? not because of zidane’s headbutt. the french fans were to blame. they chanted “allez les bleus”. but it must have somehow escaped their attention that on the field, the italians wore the blue shirts. not the french.

EDIT: zizou headbutt game, see how many headbutts you can get away with before getting redcarted [thx klav]

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