ZIDANE a new way to solve problems..

:flash: the most viewed video on youtube wednesday – good point, lets all just start headbutting others to solve our problems.

:flash: zidanes’s “mea culpa” – “le vrai coupable c’est celui qui provoque”. rien rein de rien ahhh je ne regrette rien… i actually had to cry when i read some of the comments on youtube:

AlephMistery (1 hour ago)
If I were Zidane, I would not head-butt Materazzi.
I would beat Materazzi until he is dead.

MarcoPolo3000 (18 minutes ago)
fuck yea, don’t talk that shit bout my ma!
…yud get butted too!

:flash: Zidane’s act of revolt also an act of betrayal – “Zidane would be more sympathetic if he admitted he cracked in a moment of rage and weakness as time was running out in front of an audience of one billion. He was elevated to living-legend status as he set aside retirement to rescue the French team and lead the aging and underestimated Les Bleus back to the championship game they had won in 1998.

Zidane couldn’t just be a hard-working family man with a gift for a game. He was a soccer god in a world that worships the sport. In France, he was the idealized icon of the multiethnic revolution, the captain of a team of many skin hues.

Zidane reacted not just to Materazzi’s needling, but to the insane pressure of being a World Cup hero.”

:flash: and finally another zidane headbutt game

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