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[teh glorious interweb what got stuck in my camino tabs (i mean besides zizou’s headbutt) this past week]


:flash: i hate world of warcraft! – the law of equilibrium. just think, as much as we love it there must be people out there who equally hate it. seems logical. [thx f (and i am sorry you had to google “i hate world of warcraft”)]

:flash: Just Plain Loco – is loco roco racist? the announced game for the psp sounds like it could be fun, but might it purvey racist stereotypes? [via b3ta newsletter]

:flash: Download Quinn 3.3.2 for Mac – here you can still download the great mac os X tetris variant game (you can play against other players via a server), that was blocked by the tetris company. [via bb]

:flash: Nudist Trampolining – whoever came up with this game idea? oh mang.

:flash: chimp playing pacman – wrong. this chimp is pwning ms. pacman.


:flash: I knows me some ugly myspace showdown – another much needed zefrank initiative. and damn do i agree, some of these are ugly. is ugly the new cool? hell yeah.

:flash: The Size Of Our World – planet earth is not very big, or is it?

:flash: One Person is One Pixel – but hey, i also feel rather small all of a sudden. [both via waxy]

:flash: Apple dropping fight to force bloggers to reveal sources – finally!

:flash: Stolensidekick now has a UK angle – the stolensidekick saga made it to england via an ebay auction.

:flash: Jamaica – rasta shows a group of tourists how to light a spliff and reveals his rather disturbing laughter. must sample this. [via 4rthur]

:flash: ビッグビートの若大将 – “Amazing mashup of Yuzo Kayama (a Japanese singer from the past) and Fatboy Slim.” [via joi ito]

:flash: thievery corporation: versions – this cd looks like a must have: "collection of Thievery Corporation remixes features 18 dubbed-out versions of songs from The Doors, Sarah McLachlan, Astrud Gilberto, Nouvelle Vague, Wax Poetic feat. Norah Jones, Anoushka Shankar, Transglobal Underground". and it also features some amazing artwork.


:flash: Seen in Basel, Switzerland – wooden tanks on the board of the river in basel.

:flash: Marianne Jørgensen kunst – danish artist dresses a tank in pink. [via wooster]


:flash: voll assi toni – lang:de german. voll assi toni philosophiert über frauen und sex. vorsicht: derb. [thx klav]

:flash: » Die 10 besten Schweizer Blogs – herr leu meint, dieser bescheidene blog gehöre zu den 10 besten der schweiz. aber hallo mann. danke schön.

:flash: eiger bergsturz webcam – nice.

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