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:flash: WANTED: Remixes & Cut-ups – remix contest of the rolling stones "Sweet Black Angel" and "Angela" by john lennon and yoko ono. both tracks are dedicated to angela davies, but seem impossible to mix together. or not?

:flash: Remix my new track "Mango"! – swiss producer bengston asks for remixes of his new track.

:flash: The Kersal Massive – Mr Null vs Six50 remix – the long awaited kersall massive video remix. careful: hitler image in the end. [via 4rthur]

:flash: bush of ghosts remix contest update – some nice remixes were sent in. especially "bush of george" by mentalhealth. but are they not downloadable or did i just not find it?

:flash: Mercedes-Benz Mixed Tape # 13 – via habi and sis

:flash: Angela Merkels Hot Podcast – oh wait, she’s a bunny? i always thought of her as a ferkel = lil pig. albeit she’s still gropable…

politix and policies

:flash: bush gropes merkel: the video 1 2 – “Every woman will recognize the guy who sidles up and starts “casually” giving you a backrub without even looking at you, because he wants to preserve deniability in case you freak out.”

:flash: outrage over Materazzi ban – it is a scandalous verdict and sets the totally wrong precedent, yet in this jealous (of italy’s title) world only the italians seem to protest.

:flash: Yahoo Offers MP3 Sans DRM – aha, finally one of the big ones is catching on. now lets see, if the music industry will collaborate.

:flash: L.A. News Service Sues YouTube Over Beating Video – this was to be expected. some people think youtube will win this case. we’ll see. but later in the week everybody talked about …

:flash: YouTube’s new policy says: we own your content – as usual in cases like this, let’s see how bad it looks when the dust settles.

odds and ends

:flash: 20.july was world jump day – world jump day came and went. and luckily nothing shifted. we think…

:flash: password protected undies – "Girls, send a clear message to that special geek in your life […] You can never be too careful around those smooth-talking hackers and social engineers…" [via WFMU]

:flash: The Big Lebowski – F_cking Short Version – the best f_cking short version to date.

:flash: Jill Greenberg – crying babies galore [via WMFU]

:flash: DAVIDLYNCH.COM – as they say @ 4rthur, and why the hell not? i would go for the "kill deer" one

:flash: Plastic planes ‘set to rule sky’ – told you so, plastic r00lz!

:flash: Playing Pac-Man against Real Crickets – i am stuck somewhere between ewww und wow.

:flash: igargoyle – cyborg and wearable computing news – “An eyetap is where the eye is both a display and a camera.” [via other michael]

software and features

:flash: Übercaster Movies – the podcasting software for mac os x will come out in beta next monday. meanwhile they have released a few more demo movies.

:flash: coComment new features – coComment added some exiting new features: * THE COCOCRAWLER – now tracks all comments given after you, not only peopled logged into coComment * TRACK THIS CONVERSATION – lets you track converstions you did not comment on * META CONVERSATION – lets you add comments to any webpage

:flash: MoveDigital – could be an intersting model for a filesharing system. they only charge for files that actually get moved [via de:bug]


:flash: Banksy Piece to Stay on Bristol Street – "I stress that the decision to keep this Banksy image is not a green light for more graffiti in the city."

:flash: BBDO Mashup by BsAsStncl – word!

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