pieceocast friday . 066 the lost button

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title: the lost button

pieceoplastic in hysterics. testing übercaster. but of course. nice app. and it inspired me to almost make a regular podcast, for once, one in which i babble. so i did, at least in the beginning. and now it will be clear, why i don’t produce regular podcasts. yeah, my voice sounds like shite.
rasta in hysterics. plus bo marley released their new album. the track ursulla is the w00tness, a track about a crab in the lake. i think. rastafarai’n’i. bombahclaad. mek me want to light dem spliff. oh gawd i gots to tek a lift.
rachel blake in hystrics at Comic Com. they are actors, but they do seem genuinely surprised.
airguitarists in hysterics. blame radio couleur 3, toulouse is in the house and zebda assures us that there was no arrangement. maybe this means sumink: i have rarely played a track in it’s full length on this show. so here it is. love that break using classical music. full on airguitar alert. try listening to this track and NOT airguitar, if you are so inclined, my claim: impossible.
if you are not an airguitarist, try saying this real fast: y a pas d’arrangement, y a pas d’arrangement, y en a pas y en a pas y en as pas, nooo

pieceocast cover

playlist: music borrowed [with all due respect]:
1. pieceocast intro: a loop from amon tobin: hokkaido [chaos theory, the splinter cell soundtrack]; fred, the voice in my computer, samples
2. bo marley: ursulla [jahtari]
3. arrial: bitch, where’s the guns? [thinner/autoplate]
4. zebda: y a pas d’arrangement

playlist: samples borrowed:
rasta in hysterics, rachel blake in hysterics, and just a small pinch of lost



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