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[teh glorious interweb what got stuck in my camino tabs this past week]

bloggers interview bloggers

:flash: pasta and vinegar » Interview of Regine Debatty – regine debatty of wmmna interviewed.

:flash: trendbeheer » Blog Archive » interview VVORKvvork interviewed.

:flash: pieceoplastic interviewed – sadly, this intreview is not done yet. but this is YOUR chance. [disclaimer: this is just one of my silly jokes. i AM aware, that i do not belong to the list of interview-worthy bloggers]

the relevant side of the web

:flash: – billy brag made myspace change their unfair user agreement through his intervention. [via waxy]

:flash: Montréal -40° C – amazing combo of movie and animation in this video clip. [via wooster]

:flash: baby breakdancing – o m g

:flash: Corn Plastic to the Rescue – plastic made from corn only sounds greener. [via bb]

:flash: Listening Post – why we all lose in the kazaa settlement.

:flash: 200+ Artists – list of 200+ artists. loads of clickage for some good finds.

:flash: REUBEN LORCH-MILLER – love the flags [via vvork]

:flash: TENORI-ON report – an instrument with its own blog? sure, tenori-on by toshio iwai has one.

:flash: stabliser: canine – sign up to get the stabalizer debut album for free [via bengston]

:flash: 100º – get used to it – apparently the weather will get hotter still till oh around 2050, when our bones will finally melt.

the silly super-relevant side of the web

:flash: The Bumper B3ta Book of Sick Jokes – you can actually pre-order the sick joke book @ amazon

:flash: Crawley kids in a tilgate park – this is why youtube is relevant [via 4rthur]

:flash: Rachel Blake at Lost Panel Comic Con 2006Rachel Blake confronts the lost actors and producers, they seem genuinely surprised – Hanso Exposed: rachel blake’s secret blog.

:flash: Wikipedia Celebrates 750 Years Of American Independence– “Three girls march toward the White House on Elm St. in Washington, DC, as part of the Inderpendance Day Parade.” i find the typo in the image description funniest.


:flash: 826 cakes! – look, someone bakes cakes in computer console shapes. [via popgadget]

:flash: WoW fitness programm – finally someone looks at the problem of WoW addiction from the inside. [via pasta&vinegar]

:flash: Towelboy – prowl in a towel. take a shower and then pick up girls wraped in just a towel. it’s also a viral advert for some shower gel, who’s name i refused to really notice.

:flash: Gorillasuit+Who We Are – “The above game has no other purpose than to annoy your neighbors.” a game of screeching monkeys.

:flash: Overkill Apache! – the pacifist in me rebels, but the gamer in me loves this game.


:flash: McDonald’s profitiert von WM – “Fussball-WM treibt Quartalsgewinn bei McDonald`s in die Höhe”. puke-orama!

:flash: Swiss Spice – we swiss love our salt and pepper, yet

:flash: bbq illegal in kanton zureich and others – da wird man ja als vegi zum bbq aktivisten.

:flash: YB muss für Robbie zurückkrebsen – YB oder Robbie Williams? die antwort ist so klar wie sie wirklich zum kotzen ist. aber, viel wichtiger, bewi gibt’s jetzt alle artikel mit user comments und da geht’s natürlich ab.

:flash: Wo ist Gontschar? – elsa fitzgerald schreibt einen konträren artikel zum radsport am tv. und ich bin möglicherweise der einzige mann auf diesem planeten der mit ihr einig geht, für mich ist rad am tv höchstens ein schlafmittel.

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