HOWTo avoid the swiss national holiday: piemont

august 1. is the swiss national holiday, so naturally we escape to a neighboring country on that date and have been doing so for at least 10 years. lets call it a family tradition. this year our trip lead us to piemont in italy. viamichelin

1. 31. july: 19:00 pack a few things
2. drive to aosta, italy – km: 202 time: 2:25
3. hotel europe, via ribitel 8, 11100 aosta, 0039 0165 23 63 63
4. optional dinner: sweet rock cafe, via piccolo san bernardo 18/20, 11100 aosta, 0039 0165 55 32 51 – pizza vegetariana, insalata mista, tarte tatin
5. sleep
6. 1. august: 9:00 breakfast: hot chocolate, main square, aosta
7. 10:00 drive to torino, italy – km: 106 time: 1:20
8: have lunch with very cool blogger pals 😉 in the stylish hip neighborhood northwest of piazza castello
9. 15:00 drive to novello, italy, a cute village next to barolo, in the langhe – km: 98 time: 1:10
10. check into hotel barbabuc, via giordino 35, 12060 novello, 0039 0173 73 12 98
11. take a nap
12.19:00 drive to mondovi, italy – km: 30 time: ):20
13. dinner: trattoria ezzelino, via vico 19, 12084 mondovi, 0039 0174 5580 85, 5-course gourmet menu, 35.- euro
14. 22:00 drive back to novello
15. sleep in total peace, not one gang-ho patriot in sight, no fireworks, no sausages, no dumb swiss getting shitfaced, no nazi-skinheads fighting with cops for their right to hitler salute the nation. just quiet. except for the mosquitos.
16. 2. august: nice breakfast with home-made jams and conserves.
17. drive to torino, italy
18. visit museo d’arte contemporaneo in castello di rivoli (according to regine @ wmmna, “not as grandiose as the Tate Gallery but it’s my favourite art museum in
europe” – and after seeing it, we agree)
19. drive to aosta, italy
20. shop for italian goodies, cheeses, olive oil, risotti dr. scotti
21. optional dinner: at sweet rock cafe (see above)
22. drive to bern, switzerland
23. unpack, blog HOWT0, think about next years escape route for a couple of minutes

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