mosquitos suck


mosquitos suck. well, literally. i especially hate the part, where they circle around my ears for hours, apparently trying to find that perfect spot for their bloodsuckage. the sound they make is sooooo very annoying, also because you just know, that it means impending pain.

but something is seriously weird, when there are two people in a room and the mosquitos always pick one of them to bite. this is the case with me and franziska. mosquitos never bite her, yet love to torture me. yeah, very unfair. but i even think scientists should look into her case.

when franziska was 12 she was in minneapolis with her family. the car keys somehow go locked inside the trunk of the car, so when her bro and mum hitchhiked to town to get a locksmith, she and her dad waited near the car. during the wait f. got eaten alive by mosquitos. she later counted over 100 mosquito bites. on one leg alone. ever since then no mosquito has ever bitten her. it’s as if she is somehow immune now or the mosquitos don’t care for her blood any longer. well, a third option is that she does get bitten still, but just won’t feel the bites any longer. at any rate, it is truely strange. and very interesting. maybe studying her case could solve that sucky mosquito problem.

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