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:flash: meebo me widget! – web-based im chat widget, this could be useful, i guess, i just can’t see how yet.

:flash: network badges – look like so:


:flash: DICEWARS – fun dice game. screams to go multi-user. [via waxy]

:flash: Shout N Dodge – in this game you control the ship by making noises into the microphone.

:flash: BBC – Doctor Who – Cyberman Game – a rather complex dr. who game.

:flash: Haluz – Adventure game – another very difficult point’n’click puzzle game a la hapland. love the design on this one.

actually useful information – no no it does exist

:flash: The Best Media in Life is Free – blog that links to CC materials.

:flash: Mouse Party – brains of mice on drugs and scientific facts, wooo. [via de-bug blog]

:flash: STICKER NATION – “this book is filled with over 400 sayings and slogans big, bold vinyl stickers that peel right out of the book-ready to spread your message”, created by Srini Kumar of

:flash: Local Blogger Josh Wolf Jailed for Mission Protest Video – blogger arrested for refusing to hand out video footage he shot during last summer’s G8 protest in the Mission District. [via bb]

:flash: Empathic Painting: Interactive stylization using observed emotional state – if art changes with your mood, can we then still say “art is in the eye of the beholder”? [via guardian]

:flash: Greenbulb – color filters for mobilephone cams. [via popgadget]

:flash: Mapping Sex in America – lets users add sex stories to places in the US.

:flash: N.H. Woman Bakes Cookies on Dashboard – i always wondered, would it be possible to fry an egg on there?


:flash: DIE-CAST FILMS – from the About page to this film: “Hello you! If you’re reading this then you’re either bored, misguided or haven’t mastered mouse control, whatever the case, there’s very little to say.” [via b3ta newsletter]

:flash: Fighting for Net Neutrality and Internet Freedom – the net neutrality video by leslie hall and her gang has its moments – towards the end when joel veitch’s cats start to show up. oh and the dancing baby is in there as well. [via b3ta newsletter]


:flash: Stephen Colbert Causes Chaos on Wikipedia, Gets Blocked from Site – lol

:flash: Beppe Grillo’s Blog: Adolf Gibson – actor gibson allegedly says “The Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world.” and wham gets a hitler mustache photoshopped at beppe’s.

:flash: BBC News Player – “Police in West Sussex are trying to track a group of teenagers seen in mobile phone footage of a potentially fatal game. Two girls are shown being spun at high speed on a roundabout powered by a moped.” aha, there is a backlash to that troubling video.

:flash: VVORK » – Darth Vader tries to clean the Black Sea with Brita Filter.

:flash: Coke Goes 2.0 – starting next week coke and apple will start to hand out free music [insert long hesitation here] is that a good thing?

and then

:flash: Snakes On A Plane :: Send a Message From Samuel L. Jackson! – send someone a prank snake on the plane message. in america only [via waxy]

:flash: Tisha_b’av by David Harris Ebenbach – simple yet beautiful, says f. and i agree.

:flash: information – recurssive image thingie. [via 4rthur]

:flash: Song of the Sausage Creature – by Hunter S. Thompson – hunter s. thompson in praise of his ducati: “Maybe this is the new Cafe Racer macho. My bike is so much faster than yours that I dare you to ride it, you lame little turd. Do you have the balls to ride this BOTTOMLESS PIT OF TORQUE?”

swiss media

:flash: Pendlerblog: Liebe Süddeutsche Zeitung – die unglaubliche geschichte, wie alle links, die über pendlerblog reinkommen, an einen artikel über käufliche blogger auf der südeutschen zeitung weiterleitet.

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