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[teh glorious interweb what got stuck in my camino tabs this past week]


:flash: High Writer – “NYC writer KATSU demonstrates the functionality of the latest tool from the Graffiti Research Lab: The High Writer”. [via stillalive who also links to this video of two israeli boys playing jackass]

:flash: Punk Rock in the Holy Land – interviews with israeli punk bands about terror religion and other themes.

:flash: MASH SF – a documentary on bike riders in SF. [via habi]

:flash: – Real life Space Invaders – that space invaders in a movie theater video.

:flash: Video explains the world’s most important 6-sec drum loop – the definitive history lesson on one of the most sampled breaks ever, amen.

:flash: Helvetica – a film about a font, if i understand it correctly.

:flash: and then, sudddenly, a chair flew in – democracy in action. [via WMFU]


:flash: Endgame on Google Map – “Start a game with 2-25 other online players. – Randomly receive a set of countries with troop hitpoints based on real world population data.” not as scary as it sounds.

:flash: Noodle Fury! – shoot the noodle boxes, funnnnn!

:flash: コダマ – drag&whack game. [via 4rthur]

:flash: Welcome to Flow in Games – mouse control the thingie to eat the thingies. and manipulate the soundscape.

“the network”

:flash: Who Wants to Be a Rocket Pirate? – “People who want to make webcomics are invited to submit their ideas to [warren ellis] for membership in the Rocket Pirates, a webcomics collective which will be housed at”.

:flash: MISSION ETERNITY – etoy’s new project mission eternity officially launched this week in san diego. they are looking for “angels”.

:flash: Book: ctrl[space] : Rhetorics of Surveillance – regine writes a bookreview on a book dedicated to surveillance technology in art.

:flash: Books – CcWiki – list of books released under a creative commons license, like for instance GAM3R 7H30RY, that could be worth a read.

:flash: EnBW Spamrecycler – “data waste turns to art. send your spam emails to watch while your spam is recycled into pieces of art”. there’s your solution.

:flash: *argl* happy 10. anniversary, flash – vote for the best flash sites in 10 years of flash history. meanwhile my love/hate relationship with flah continues.

:flash: Preripped von Warner – the future of the music industry is DVD as a data carrier, much more space and possibilities. warner finally catches on, and they include music pre-ripped for mp3 players. sure, but is it pre-drm’d too?

:flash: The Interweb Medley!!– the catchiest interweb songs mashed up . outch. [via bb]

:flash: Flickr: Photos from Abby Walton – “a photo a day, same expression.” remarkably consistent. [via rhizome]

:flash: OneWebDay – “The mission of OneWebDay is to create, maintain, advance, and promote a global day to celebrate online life: September 22, 2006” not sure about this, but could be fun.

:flash: Truthful Translations of Political Speech – “These are galleries of translations of popular politicians as made by audio collage artists from around the planet”. [via lessig]

crap. or: i don’t know how to classify these

:flash: your penis is perfect – i of course don’t need this mat in my urinal, coz i already know… but for some guys this might be … errr … perfect.

:flash: CareerBuilder Monk-e-Mail – well, helloooo mr. monkey.

:flash: ImAllFake – not pornographic. yet pornographic. know what am saying?

:flash: After 40 years’ burrowing, Mole Man of Hackney is ordered to stop – “almost half a century of nibbling dirt with a shovel and homemade pulley has hollowed out a web of tunnels and caverns, some 8m (26ft) deep, spreading up to 20m in every direction from his house.” gotta love this geezer.

:flash: VISIONAIRE – i like the mini-animated thumpnail thingies, when you click … oh fuck, flash! find a solution for permalinks! now!

:flash: Spectacle Designs – glasses made from records, finally i know what to do with my 5000+ record collection. [via bb]

swiss interest

:flash: Main Page – BarCamp Switzerland – aha. barcamp makes it to switzerland.

:flash: – der berner slogan wettbewerb zur euro08.


microautism seemed like such a scientific term, when i read it in jPod, but it turns out coupland has made it up. google only finds 2 sites mentioning microautism:

:flash: ACCENTUATE THE POSITIVE – in german.

:flash: the pagan agenda – the other mention of microautism is only found in google cache.

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