chuck palahniuk

the new book by chuck palahniuk lullayby got here!
i had pre-ordered it at the online bookseller named after a female warrior figure from greek mythology. yeah that one…
now, if someone would force me to name one favorite writer, i would easily and without a moments hesitation say: chuck palahniuk. and since such a task is no struggle at all for me, i’ ll even venture a list of my favorite books by this author (and update it after having read lullaby!):

let me first say: his books are all great!
having said this… here goes the list:

1. fight club – a delirious, stream-of-conciousness tale standing in a league of it’s own.
2. survivor – the themes of religious sects and projection of power onto religious leaders are placed into the most final setting imaginable.
2. choke – check out the hilarious scams the main-character comes up with, to raise money in order to be able to pay his sick mother’s hospital bills.
2. invisible monsters – this story weaves and weaves to finally come around and surprise deeply.

i know, it’s a cop-out to name three books in 2nd place. but i did list them according to my prefrences… 😆
meanwhile, i send my greatest respect to the mechanic/writer in portland, oregon.

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