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my favorite rant of the week

:flash: dear ingrown hair/s – “how would you feel if i moved inside of you like brought all my stuff and then just stayed ” etc. raymi = genius!

terrorism both [via de-bug blog]

:flash: e-Passport Vulnerability – “Additionally, it may be possible to determine the nationality of a passport holder by “fingerprinting” the characteristics inherent in each country’s RFID chips. Taken to a logical extreme, this security vulnerability could make it possible for terrorists to craft explosives that detonate only when someone from the U.S. is nearby.”

:flash: Mass murder in the skies: was the plot feasible? – “For some real terror, picture twenty guys who understand op-sec, who are patient, realistic, clever, and willing to die, and who know what can be accomplished with a modest stash of dimethylmercury. – You won’t hear about those fellows until it’s too late. Our official protectors and deciders trumpet the fools they catch because they haven’t got a handle on the people we should really be afraid of. They make policy based on foibles and follies, and Hollywood plots.”

big corp

:flash: Grand Theft Auto Coke Ad – coke advert gta style. well done, but … oh i’ll just shut up.

:flash: Apple reports on iPod manufacturing in China – apple sends a team to investigate work conditions in facilities where their iPods get assembled. “This seems a good response in most respects, but it’s not independent, and Apple’s team doesn’t seem to have included even one independent observer.”

:flash: Microsoft To Enable User-Created Xbox 360 Games – file under “the world going wrong”, what with apple behaving more “microsoft” and microsoft more “apple” by the day.


:flash: Aram Bartholl – “The Installation Speed is a transformation of the big flashing arrows from the computer game “Need for Speed Underground 2, NFSU 2″ to real space.” [via wmmna]

:flash: Jackson Pollock by Miltos Manetas – be jackson pollack for a day. any day. anytime really.

:flash: SPRINKLE BRIGADE – turds on the street re-decorated. [via 4rthur of course]

:flash: Vigilance 1.0 – “The player faces a series of screens allowing him to watch over many places in the same time : streets, supermarkets, parking lots, shops, apartment buildings, schools, etc. Denouncement is his aim.”

:flash: Checkin’ In With Roadsworth – nice paintings on streets.

:flash: ars electronica 2006 downloads – press materials for this years festival simplicity are online, among others the full programm as a pdf.


:flash: b3ta stuff- The Record Store Cats! – the headbanging kitten collection. [thx cornelia]

:flash: Howstuffworks “How Kissing Works” – “When you really think about it, kissing is pretty gross. It involves saliva and mucous membranes, and it may have historical roots in chewed-up food.”

:flash: La pièce – nice point’n’click thingie, that i can’t solve, but still adore for its styling.

:flash: GPL and pedestrians forbidden – it’s a tough regime in palau.

and on a more serious note …

:flash: Computer expert faces jail over ‘made-up’ child porn images – “a computer expert who altered indecent images of naked women to make them look like children has been warned that he faces a prison sentence.” which reminds us of Brass Eye 2001 Special – Padeogeddon the “most complained about program in the history of British television”.

:flash: Addicts reality show an ‘unethical gimmick’ – “Channel 4 was yesterday accused of taking reality TV into the realms of the unethical with a one-off programme that has secretly lured drug addicts into a confrontation with their families.”

:flash: ohne titel on Flickr – photo of a kid proudly showing off his panini sticker. but check out the expression on the mother’s (?) face. this woman, whoever she may be, should prolly not have a boy child.

:flash: Radical Software – “Our purpose is to make all the historic issues of Radical Software freely available to everyone.”

:flash: Lifelong Effects of Cybersex – watching porn teaches us for life.

:flash: The Age of Cheap, Plastic Robots – “Sure, we’d all like to own a robot — to do our homework, to exchange quips with our moisture vaporators, to infiltrate our ragtag fleet of exiled starships — but they’re so goshdamned expensive.”

:flash: – “Check out our new homepage, now with thumbnails!” – nice, but other social bookmarking sites have done this for ages.

swiss web

:flash: relaunch – find one comment and links to more comments here.

:flash: Certification for accessible websites – a new certification procedure for accessible websites was launched this week in switzerland, a good thing of course. however bengston points us to this brilliant article, that looks at the question slightly more critically. “Ein barrierefreies Webangebot zeichnet sich nicht durch mechanische Regelbefolgung aus, sondern durch durchdachte Usability und Accessibility für alle Nutzer.”

:flash: MIKE SHIVA – oh gawd … i have zapped into this guys horrendous astrology show on U1 on occasion. bengston went out and found his website… and it is just as we would have imagined it.

:flash: halsabschneiderliste – vom schweizerischen konsumentenschutz

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