yb player varela receives threats from om supporters

today i read in the papres, that YB player varlea has been receiving threatening phone calls from marseille supporters over this last week or so.

this reminded me of last summer, when we saw the game OM – YB in marseille, in the stade de velodrome. and to express it mildly, we were quite embarassed by varela’s extremly rude behavior.

the upcoming uefa cup qualifying game is a repeat from last years encounter, when we sat on the tribune among marseille supporters, which was hot and – uhhh – so dangerous. not at all actually. very family friendly atmosphere on that side of the pitch. during the second half left-fielder varela played in right front of us and after being fouled he started to roll around the pitch, as players seem to have to do these days, just to get up a few moments later to be fit as ever. naturally this earned him a few whistles from our stand.

but what followed made me ashamed to be a YB supporter. varela, over the next 15 minutes or so, went on to produce every rude gesture in the book towards these marseille supporters, among them many kids. the bird, the stinky finger, the go-f-yourself, the you-ve-got-a-hole-this-big. every single one he could think of. he was fuming and airing his frustration in an extremly rude way.

so i am not saying this justifies him receiving threatening phone calls now. but it certainly explains it. varela may be a good player, but his attitude stinks. he is one of the albeit many reasons why this club does not enchant me anymore …

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