after pornolize – still down at the moment *sniffie* – and snoopolize, y’all know what am sayin’?, there is a new script that changes text into poems, well sort of… itz called rob’s amazing poem generator. the authors even lets us download the script, datz da spirit!
here is what happens over @ missie w’s [en poesie]:

stillborn baby with drugs and amplified the
Malebolge Fraudulent, Malicious, Panderers Very enchanting series
Carolyn Sue Baker Jones appeared in
many other anatomical rarities! [28Apr2003|
12:48pm] [ mood | determined ] [ music |
venetian snares dollmaker ] You will I
tapped away. Then there was born in
tel aviv and… Ethnography in Slovenia, home to
Lawrence Welk’s
Baker Jones was the month/
design | //übertronics vs e. nizza ] Mark Ryden
will meet his brainwashed squirrels working on the
Viva Las Vegas
Ceremony! *yawns*]~ miss

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