ars electronica 06 . simplicity notes . day 1

ars simplictyars electronica 06 . photos day 1ars electronica 06 . photos day 1

as usual i feel small facing the huge mass of information in front of me. there is so much input to be prossessed, it fills me with a feeling a bit like humility. but i am not worried. soon i will be my usual obnoxious and opinionated self again. sadly.

for some reason i was less exited anticipating it this year, but now that in am here, in linz again, still fugly, still great, i am quite looking forward to this years’s festival. the theme, simplicity, is something i am very interested in regaining in my life. i am looking forward to spending a day in the country, to seeing more of the toshio iwai’s, john maede’s, jason kottke’s and the many more’s, to hanging out with friends and aquaintances. fellow swiss blogger hannes gassert [artcast] is here with his gear park of laptops, microphones and cameras, that, surprise surprise, fits in one tiny metal suitcase alongside his tshirts, socks and stuffs. what a pleasant surprise to meet him at the trainstation last night. and what a right ars electronica noob he is; at least physically, he has never been here. he of course turns this around and teases me calling me a veteran with my 7. [!] visit this year. i immediatley removed the badges from the previous years from my backpack. gah.


all for now. the relevant stuff later.

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