ars electronica 06 . teh linkage

^^in almost no particular order^^

:flash: – these guys design subtle and often humerous interactive art installations with the declared goal that the person “on his way to get a can of beans should get it”. the excellent presentation by andrew shoben had not only me in stitches.

:flash: – attempts to create a public space on the internet by adding a meta layer, that allows people to leave notes or comments, to chat and more. an excellent summary of mushon zer-aviv and dan phiffer’s presentation can be found at regine’s.

:flash: – mobile stations with simple screen interfaces get carried around town to allow people to input their regrets. these inputs get then collected online. sadly i overheard the punky kids who schlepp the installation around all day make fun of some of the inputs, which may not really be the idea.

:flash: – “Yokomono consists of 10 small car-shaped record players, a corresponding set of FM radios and two mixing desks. The cars, known as “vinyl killers,” have been customised with wireless FM transmitters. As they spin around the vinyl, they transmit their signal to the FM radios tuned to a special Yokomono frequency. This transmission is then mixed, edited and manipulated in real-time by members of the Staalplaat Soundsystem.” one of my favorite musical installations in ages.

:flash: krohnos projector – images get projected onto a nice stretchy fabric, people touching them distort and remix the image.

:flash: sobject – guy documents anything his right hand touches. luckily the right hand never knows what the left one does

:flash: – a mobile telephone booth that people can carry around like a backpack.

:flash: random screen – it’s simple candles and beer! cans from the back, yet looks like a super slick pixel design from the front. cute.

:flash: – “The Graffiti Research Lab is dedicated to outfitting graffiti writers, artists and protestors with open source tools for urban communication.” they won an award of distinction in the category interactive art.

:flash: – dedicated to archiving graffitiworks, or in their words “aims at building an online-community by collecting and discussing Stencils from all around the world”. won an honorary mention in the category digital communities.

:flash: – this swissie won an award of distinction in the category digital communities. input barcodes to receive info and comments. a bit too goodie good for me.

:flash: – some swissies i had never heard of, not that this means anything, have this new interactive piece at the ars electronica center. utterly boring interactive art. very 90’s.

:flash: dunne & raby: design noir – according to regine this is a must read book about subversive design practice. here’ the book at amazon.

:flash: – again a regine tipp, this is a brilliant lil magazine published by two very vibrant spanish girls, that i was fortunate enough to meet in linz. ola chicas!

tbc. maybe.

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