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urban dept.

:flash: Terminal Porno | | CUM2CUT | Indie-Porn-Short-Movies Festival – in berlin scheint porno gesellschaftfähig zu werden. voll der hype. naja, in san francisco hatten wir diesen trend vor gut 15 jahren schon, irgendwann sagste, okay, ein weiters tabu gebrochen, was nun? die filme sind immer noch scheisse. oder schafft es berlin endlich porno mit geschmack zu produzieren?

:flash: Fichés, scannés, digitalisés, les taggeurs sont cernés – Emission du 7 sept 2006 – nouvo report on how the swiss national rail intends to fight graffiti. file under: big brother is watching you.

tunes dept.

:flash: Dresden Dolls – Eisbär | Nouvelle Vague – Eisbaer – two version of grauzone’s eisbär found by berner gazette. but dear dresden dolls, it may be a song in german, but it is by a swiss band. yup. and we swiss are proud of it.

:flash: beat it online karoake – o.O to this beat it version. go falsetto. [via b3ta]

:flash: The Great Copycat Contest – gah these guys @ WFMU rawk. what a brilliant idea for a contest.

:flash: queens of sound – this movie was made by one of the women working in the ars electronica press office. quite interesting i think.

[that brilliant banksy] prank dept.

:flash: Paris Hilton targeted in CD prank – banksy has visually and accoustically remixed the paris hilton cd. and dropped them in stores.

:flash: Banksy & Paris Hilton – That’s Hot – the tune. here it is still ready for download.

:flash: Banksy vs Paris – a photoset on Flickr – the photos.

:flash: Wooster Collective: Video of Banksy’s Paris Hilton Jam – the video.

:flash: Oops: Impostor scams Louisiana officials – Aug 28, 2006 – almost as good as the banksy prank: the latest yesmes prank.

geek dept.

:flash: Second Life | Second Life Security Bulletin – second life had a security breach. all passwords have been reset.

:flash: ZeFrank Speaks at TED – Google Video – geek comedy has found its hero. i wonder if he would gage me as a 20’000.

:flash: bruce sterling lift06 – laurent has uploaded the video of the bruce sterling talk at lift06.

:flash: We Know/We No promo video – übergeeky. promotional video for a WoW guild.

:flash: The Church Of Google – “We at The Church Of Google believe a convincing argument can be made stating that the search engine Google is the closest mankind has ever come to experiencing an actual Deity. It is the ultimate bridge between people and information.”

:flash: ‘Goat-free roads made me speed’ – “Nobody’s ever used the lack of goats here as an excuse for speeding,” Mr Doiron told the AFP news agency. “I’ve never been to Switzerland, but I guess there must be a lot of goats there,” he said.” wait, i have never seen goats on streets, or have i? [thx klav and michael]

:flash: Ceci n’est pas un gadget – “Nein, der Sakku ist nützlich, wichtig und gut. Der Sakku ist ein Sack mit Akku. Ein biegsames Solarpanel lädt den Akku, der wiederum lädt Kleingeräte (sprich: Gadgets).”

:flash: Schweiz Filmfestival: ZFF Mobile Movie Award: Das 24-Sekunden-Film-Festival – “Eine gute Geschichte kann in einem Satz erzählt werden, und ein spannender Film braucht nicht länger als 24 Sekunden, um das Publikum zu fesseln und amüsieren.”

pc dept.

:flash: stop violence against women campaign – noble amnesty international campaign playing the viral card.

vinyl dept

:flash: D I G I B O D I E S . O R G – kiállító művészek – exhibited artists – russian roentgen records. [via de-bug]

:flash: Vinyl Abuse – Toy & Art Magazine – sweet gadget and graffiti mag.

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