Met The Blogger and videotapped him

in the end “only” christian, matthias and this dared to show up and enjoy the “simple vegetarian meal” [= büchsen ravioli] at our house for MeetThebLOgger™ last night. thanx for being so brave lads.
missing was hannes. he got somehow stuck in a mysterious and as of yet unnamed “another city”. his apologetic sms’ red like so:

19:35: Jan! Ei! Das ist heute! Oder ? Ja! Und ich bin in einer ganz anderen Stadt! Sorry! Sorry! Sorrt! Sorry! Sooorryy! Und Gruss an alle..
19:39: *schaem*

in total:
exclamation marks: 10
sorry’s: 5
question marks: 1

it was a fun night, i thought. matthias made quite a few photos with his testdrive nokia93, yeah the spiffy one w. video function, and maybe we will see some of these at some point on his flickr account or wherever he posts these things atm. i have only one regret; i noticed way too late, that matthias was videotapping [remember the video function i just mentioned? duh] me while demonstrating PSPrhythm on my PSP and making a right arse of myself. if the video ever gets posted to YouTube, and i am afraid it might, a quick preventive disclaimer from my part [i don’t wanna end like the starwars kid, you know.]: those were mock headbutts, i was being ironic, i was pretending to be a dj or sumink. gah.

to do list:
– start using democracy player to download daily shows etc.
– get the migros creditcard because of its migros budget look
– get in queue w. this to review a gadget [i’ll take the wii please, ok, no christian can have that one, the PS3?]
– restrain myself from blogging ALL the secret insider infos matthias blared out the later the evening went [gief bloggerboss gossip]

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