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title: women can talk

my beard is going grey. omg. naturally i had to dig up some old punky youthful stuff to set a counterpoint that screams, hey, i am not old. hence, the butthole surfers. still one of my favorite bands. evar. helen fisher’s talk at TED screamed to be mixed in with the banksy vs. paris hilton bit, to make a case in point, women can talk. end of discussion. amen. and then eisbär made its reappearance on this blog this past weeek or so, with suzanne admiting, that as a kid, cute as buttons, she sang it: “Ich möchte ein Eisbär sein – im kalten Cola”. wish i could have been there.

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playlist: music borrowed [with all due respect]:
1. pieceocast intro: a loop from amon tobin: hokkaido [chaos theory, the splinter cell soundtrack]; fred, the voice in my computer, samples
2. butthole surfers: eindhoven chicken masque; i hate my job; 22 going on 23
3. king missile: detachable penis
4. banksy vs. paris hilton: that’s hot
5. nouvelle vagues: eisbär

playlist: samples borrowed:
helen fisher @ TED



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