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[teh glorious interweb what got stuck in my camino tabs this past week]

mixed bag of art

:flash: spacehijackers – Zenith E14 – “Sporting the latest invisibility jackets the builders strolled up to the hoarding and simply screwed up the new, informative sign.” [via wooster]

:flash: blackarea – nice subtle streetart project.

:flash: RejectEffect – “Celebrity Make-Overs is a commentary on our “psycho-emotional” connection to celebrities, those you love to hate and the ones you love to love.”

:flash: Shen Wei Photographs – very strong photography of almost naked people

:flash: PLAYLUST – swiss photographer play now has a website, publishing her works under a CC license. w. blog and more. nice.

:flash: I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by Google – endure one add to receive a short story by bruce sterling. [via bb] “My Mom will never make it back into the labor force: Mom’s way too busy building herself up to 146th-level SuperMasonic Tolkien-Fantasy Ultra-Elf Queen. Like that helps!”

das internet für gutmenschen

:flash: one web day – one web day came and went. it was yesterday and we forgot to re-mention it… and we still don’t quite understand.

:flash: moo | we love to print – servive that lets you print business cards from your flickr fotos. my wife is pissed, because she has been doing this manually for quite awhile already.

:flash: Brit. Brit. Britney. / – a digg for open music.

:flash: Spyder – finally a way to avoid the ugly myspace layout, here’s a Mac OsX application allowing users to keep track of their social network friends. [via de-bug blog]

:flash: Odeo: Boing Boing Boing 001 – the boingboing crew podcast about last weeks top stories and chat w. a guest. feed.

:flash: Hail – The Return of the Sun – a rather great add for solar power.

:flash: The Channel Channel – One minute previews of Internet TV Channels – “The Channel Channel shows previews of internet TV channels. If you see a channel that looks interesting, subscribe to it with a program like Democracy Player.”

das gegenteil

:flash: Frank’s marry, shag, kill quiz – areyouhotornot with a twist. from a choice of 3 celebrity pics chose which one will you want to marry, shag, kill?

:flash: the show with zefrank 09.20.2006 – watch ze reinvent the peanutbutter jelly sandwich.

:flash: Farting Granny – the message of this viral is clear, help save the —- nah not gonna give it away.

and then

:flash: Karaoke Ice – “Imagine an ice cream truck transformed into a mobile karaoke unit, driven by a squirrel cub with a penchant for cheap magic, deployed to spark spontaneous interaction between passersby in Chavez Plaza and surrounding neighborhoods.”

:flash: Airport Security – play airport security [via bb]

:flash: zappen R.I.P. – zappen im fernsehen ist vorbei. a study conducted in germany has found that people chose certain programms carefully and specifically watch those. [in german]

:flash: Sex Bomb, Baby – “but it turns out no one under 40 even knows who Flipper is”. say what? young people. you must know about flipper! go see american hardcore, a documentary about the 1980s punk music scene.

:flash: Tom Cruise Bollywood Musical | Funny Baaad Ass Trailer | Hilarious Myspacey Bruce Lee Goof– winning trailer virals. especially the first one is rather cool, tom cruise goes bollywood.

tits eyes

:flash: raymi’s hits have decreased – how is that one for honesty “my tits hits have decreased slightly so here are my breasts”.

:flash: missie w. – but suzanne still suzanne has the most beautiful tits eyes.

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