sprouting lushness inna springtime

[two sexyish linx via missie w ta ta ta]

this year like every other year:
when t’ings start sprouting in spring the sexvibe kicks in!
well, on this website this is illustrated rather nicely! and it will be available to us and useful all year long. thank you!
we like!!!!

safeoutdoorsex.com says:
“First of May! First of May!
Outdoor Sex Starts Today!
Show your support on May 5th, Britainís first Bonk Holiday and get down to it al fresco style!”
well i’d say, let’s show our international support, please …

@ ishaggedhere.com people can post where they did it, as well as try to re-contact one-nite stands, that got lost in the exitement.

only four entries so far, but here a stripper from seattle blogs her peep show stories

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