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:flash: Warcraft Wonders of Tomorrow – lore sjöberg considers what future WoW extensions might bring. or should bring. i especially like his call for a third faction, one he names the apathetic one, one that is beyong good [alliance] vs. evil [horde]. i would join them.

:flash: Games and Culture — Table of Contents (October 1 2006, 1 [4]) – academic magazine on gaming culture has dedicated its latest issue to studies surrounding WoW.


:flash: – finally. wigs for babies. babies usually look sooo boring. [via b3ta]

:flash: Google Maps – this building does look alot like a swastika from above. [via b3ta]

:flash: “Little Superstar” – its funny till it gets too weird. the voice and the smile of this kid make my toes curl. [via zefrank]

:flash: HansoExposed 9/8 70 Fragments – Complete – aha. lost explained.

:flash: Floppy Disk Bag – HOWTO make a bag from old floppy disks.


:flash: Nokia | Nseries: product,n95 – nokia is driving me crazy w. their pre-mature product announcements. way back when they announced it, i wanted the N91, but in the meantime they announced the N93, and now the N95, that look so much cooler. gief!

:flash: Nintendo Stole a Super Mario Theme from 6 years ealier? – was super mario theme knicked from an unknown funk band?

:flash: apparently-baked biz school prof who was soon fired – awwww i missed it. where is the video now …

:flash: MegaFon – Talk without Limits – voip software for mac os x, but a problem occurs to me, i dont only voip w. other mac users. or did i missunderstand?


:flash: Eigene Domains für Montenegro und Serbien festgelegt – .me will be the hot new domain ending. consider the possibilities. german comedian otto comes to mind, – – – [via de-bug]

:flash: I’m Banksy – me too. and so can you be. [via stillalive]

:flash: All you need is ubuntu – bill clinton digs ubuntu, but means the african saying “I am because you are”, not the operating system.

:flash: DRM Protest at Apple Store Midtown on Saturday at 3pm – frankly i often feel like there are more relevant issues than to protest drm. but hey. its still a valid cause. NYC is a bit far tho, so i won’t attend at this time.

:flash: October 3rd Declared “Day Against DRM” – international action day against drm. see my comment above.

:flash: Brain Damage – Spoken Dub Manifesto – amazing french dub/spoken word project. i love what hakim bay says, as does nicola at [via pasta & vinegar]

:flash: raster – wilhelm sasnal – “… his works often differ so much from each other that one could suppose they had been painted by numerous artists.” i love that in painters. [via frenzine]

:flash: Ars Electronica FESTIVAL – the webcasts of all the major talks in linz are online.

:flash: Simon Extreme for Mac OS X – “Simon Extreme is a reinterpretation of the classic 1978 Milton Bradley game Simon, complete with authentic gameplay and sound samples from the original game.” [via habi]


:flash: swissinfo – Historian Hans-Ulrich Jost says the vote on asylum and immigration reflects Switzerland’s xenophobic heritage – oh? no such thing as a humantiarian tradition in switzerland. at least we won’t have to correct our self-image then.

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