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title: in a town called LSD

me personnaly, i can’t do them, i have been living drug-free since 1984. but let’s face it, drugs are great. if used wisely. i always found LSD rather rough, extreme, almost psychotic. so don’t take this as an endorsement. but WFMU has posted an hommage to LSD “approaching the 40th anniversary of the LSD ban in october 1966” – lol a funny thought occured to me here: some people celebrate the invention, others the ban – and they linked to some fab audio materials and especially made me discover the trip receptacles, a radio show “produced by don joyce, of the negativland noise collective, and myself, the professor”, whoever he may be. now thats some far-out material right there. hours of jolly whack sounds. gah

enjoy this podcast, while it lasts, soon to be broadcast while trippin.

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playlist: music borrowed [with all due respect]:
1. pieceocast intro: a loop from amon tobin: hokkaido [chaos theory, the splinter cell soundtrack]; fred, the voice in my computer, samples
2. danny ben-israel: bad trip
3. stu mitchell: acid
4. brad sucks: never get out

playlist: samples borrowed:
you get elves, everybody does [the trip receptacles]; stoned profesor; beck@yahoo hack day



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