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[teh glorious interweb what got stuck in my camino tabs this past week]


:flash: CHRYSTL RIJKEBOER – “Balaclava knitted from human hair” – omfg. this is nice AND very freaky, [via frenzine]

:flash: Medienturm – the austrian answer to hirschhorn? artist makes installations from cardboard.

:flash: stock-in – photoset of the freitag container building in zurich, their new store/headquarters.


:flash: wow meets south park – best south park episode ever. all the jokes are on the dot. except for one thing, why are the boys playing alliance? on the other hand it makes perfect sense, all alliance players are 12 year olds.

:flash: Harry Potter and the Underage Blow Job – naughty. very naughty. [via b3ta]

:flash: Click opera – Fear of the Matterhorn – finally someone who seems to understand that mountains are ugly, scary and just plain crap. especially the matterhorn, despite the name relations. [thx michael!]

:flash: Huge statue to be jailed in anti-Bush rally – “Activists in San Francisco have been working late into the night this week, building a 40-foot statue of President Bush. It’s not idolatry. They plan to jail his likeness for war crimes Thursday at Justin Herman Plaza as part of a nationwide round of protests calling on Bush to step down.”

:flash: Bloggers face an increase in libel suits – “If bloggers get to be considered journalists in one sense, is it fair to not consider them journalists in another sense and give them a free pass to make false claims?” hmmm. nor sure i agree.

:flash: The smallest pigs in the world! – those are some small ass pigs. [thx missie]

:flash: Programma per la localizzazione di telefoni cellulari – small interface that lets you track any cellphone worldwide … outchie. big brotheresque. but i did not dare to use it, cause they might be phishing cellphone numbers … no? [thx markus]


:flash: Gaultier swaps Size O models for ‘Size 20’ – “Jean Paul Gaultier found his own way to comment on the ‘size zero’ debate – by putting a larger model down the catwalk to show off his clothes”.

:flash: Stephen Colbert: The Battle for Truth – 2 secondlife users make a dream stephen colbert expressed in one of his shows come true.

:flash: Music for one apartment and six drummers – drummers creating amazing music using every day objects in an apartment.

:flash: La Linea – 101 episodes of cult tv animation la lina. [via 20min]

:flash: Save Your Ears – outch, bad singing is all the hype in italy.


:flash: Gefangen im Korsett der Männlichkeit (Zeitfragen, NZZ Online) – “Die Lebensbedingungen von Männern und Buben verschlechtern sich signifikant, schreibt der Männerforscher Walter Hollstein. Ungeachtet dessen werde Gleichstellungspolitik aber nach wie vor als reine Frauenpolitik definiert”.

:flash: LUCIS ABARTIGE ABHANDLUNGEN – luci is back. w00t. keep em coming baby.

:flash: KUNSTFREIHEIT.CH – “ ist eine Initiative Schweizer KünstlerInnen und Kulturschaffender, die sich für eine Balance im Urheberrecht einsetzen.”

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