does the world need my silly blog?

hello world
i am getting more and more fascinated with blogging.
it seems like every day i am discovering another amazing blog.
and the executives on wall street are still moaning about the internet having a “content-problem”.
think again!
i really like reading blogs where the authors are really vulnerable – totally honest – out there – my current favorite being peep show stories by pagan moss.
so today i was thinking. [yeah sometimes i do use my other brain …]
in a way i would like to blog more personal, more like the blogs i like to read, but then i started to wonder?
does the world really need to know?
who wants to read about people like me?
i am white, male, middle-class, middle-aged, privileged and i come from the richest country in europe.
that’s the most boring predicament ever, innit?
who cares about my problems?

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