why, tbc stands for “to be continued”. of course.

wrong. it used to.

the meaning of TBC will shift real quick to “The Burning Crusade”, the soon to be released WoW extension. at least for the 7 million of us playing TBC starting november 22. another smart move on blizzards part. blizzard always had a knack for catchy acronyms, already WoW is like … wow. but not always do they hit the nail on its head. in the WoW forums they call what basically is a stripped down version of BB-Code “BML” = Blizzard Markdown Language. lol.

but anyway. awhile ago i tried to pre-order my copy of TBC and i noticed a discrepancy between the product descriptions at amazon.com and amazon.co.uk. while amazon.com lists it as compatible for the platforms windows xp and mac osx, amazon.co.uk says it will only run on xp.

i need the mac version so sent an email to the amazon customer service. the guy answering me obviously had not understood my questio. instead he just sent back a reallllyyyy looooong standard email saying in essence something like, “all items are delivered as listed”. i am beginning to think, that the amazon customer service guys are paid per word. or something. they always send extremly long and elaborate emails, where the actual answer to my usually simple questions is hard to find. ok, i’ll admit, i’ve only written maybe 2 so far. so this hardly counts as statistical evidence. but anyway, i was more looking for something like “thank you for noticing this discrepancy. we will look into the matter and get back to you asap.” done. tbc.

wow videos for the server maintenance:

The Pinkside of WoW: not new at all, but i had never seen this. hilarious

WoW Commercial: finally a solution for women who’s boyfriends constant;y want sex

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