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title: making a difference in the world … of warcraft

the mum actually cries when talking about her son’s WoW addiction. sad moment there in the australian news coverage on WoW addiction. the mum claims, her son’s personality has changed. he now swears alot and punches holes into walls. while my personality has not changed, i have always been a nutter, i do have to admit that WoW is sucking me deeper and deeper into its evil grip. looking forward to being a month off this coming november.
best south park episode ever is all that needs to be said about the WoW machinima adventure. hilarious.
and it was hannes, who turned me on to the american TV series weeds, interesting plot idea, and that catchy title song little boxes. thanx mate, now i got it stock in my head too, and you may soon as well. unless you stop this podcast in time. at around 3:30, just when cartman says, the world … of warcraft a last time.

enjoy this podcast, while it last, sent to you from the trenches of the world … of warcraft.

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playlist: music borrowed [with all due respect]:
1. pieceocast intro: a loop from amon tobin: hokkaido [chaos theory, the splinter cell soundtrack]; fred, the voice in my computer, samples
2. various artists: Bride of Monster Mashup Full Mix
3. dsico that no-talent hack: (ashley’s) mathematics
4. malvina reynolds: little boxes

playlist: samples borrowed:
faux news investigates WoW addiction; wow meets south park


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