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[teh glorious interweb what got stuck in my camino tabs this past week]


:flash: Interview with Ubermorgen – regine has a great interview w. ubermorgen. how’s that for an artists’s statement: “For this we are willing to put our careers, our money and our time at risk.”

:flash: hansbernhardblog – hans bernhard blogs the drugs he takes w. his breakfast and diner.

:flash: Dormitory – “Dormitory, by Chinese photographer Wang Qingsong, is a huge picture showing dozens of people trying to find intimacy while they are living on top of each other in cage like minimal spaces.” photos


:flash: Update on The Beachles: An Interview with Clayton Counts – apparently he has received various business offers after the buzz surrounding his mashup project, but “Every dollar I make will help to demolish the old model of distribution. And seeing how my website is still getting several thousands of hits a day, I’d say that I’m off to a pretty good start.”

:flash: Scissor Sisters – create your own scissor sisters video. here’s me and my wife.

:flash: muppets NWA mash up Video – lovely.

:flash: Telephone music – a beatles song made up of ringtones and other mobile phone sounds makes for a rather nice advert, but don’t buy what they are selling!


:flash: The Bumper B3ta Book of Sick Jokes – aha, the book of sick jokes is now available at amazon. l33t.

:flash: This person might be hiv positive – a hiv campaign wields humorous situations. [via b3ta]


:flash: World of Warcraft game ‘delayed’ – well i knew, ofc, but the delay in the release of TBC even made the bbc news???

:flash: Sex Drive Daily – “Men should masturbate almost daily to help them avoid cancer.” omg …

:flash: EA virals in the news – “The EA virals were featured on the news in Britain last night in an unintentionally hilarious piece bemoaning the influx of commercials on YouTube.”


:flash: Google Checkout dumps Ze Frank – “Ze Frank recently tried using Google Checkout to raise funds for his superb video show, and the deal is that you can sponsor an on-screen rubber duckie for anything up to $50.”

:flash: 27B Stroke 6 – “Cops Use Suspect’s GPS, Google Earth to Find Pot Fields” oh, but of course…

:flash: YouTube – jesus camp trailer – this documentary shows how the religious right plans to assure its future generation. [via al4ie]


:flash: BitTorrent Site Admin Sent to Prison – “The 23 year old Grant Stanley has been sentenced to five months in prison, followed by five months of home detention, and a $3000 fine for the work he put in the private BitTorrent tracker Elitetorrents.”

:flash: Free Culture blog – Down With DRM Video Contest Winners Announced! – “And the winners are (in no particular order):”


:flash: LIFT || A conference about technology in our society. – the lift 07 speaker line up is out.

:flash: BATTLE OF BANDS – “Da Sign & The Opposite haben es geschafft und sind von der Orangmusic Jury (Bligg, Emel, Slädu, Alex Grob) von 400 zu den 4 Bands gewählt worden, die auf Schweizer Clubtour gehen und um den ersten Platz ringen. Der Finalist eröffnet am 14.12 im Hallenstadion Zürich Christina Aguilera.”

:flash: Frozen in Memories, but Melting Before Their Eyes – New York Times – the melting of swiss glaciers makes it to the NYtimes. [thx michael]

:flash: swissblogpress – “Swissblogpress ist ein Netzwerk von etablierten und unabhängigen Blogs, die regelmässig zu bestimmten Themengebieten publizieren.” in anderen worten, blogs die nicht auf dieser liste erscheinen sind weder etabliert noch unabängig? elitäres nervt immer.


:flash: Schmap – Photo Inclusion – photo of mine included in milano city guide. oops link borked … thx habi

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