semi-offline the next 6 weeks

i am spending the next almost 6 weeks in a house in the swiss mountains with only a dial-up internet connection. my blogging will have to slow down accordingly. i will only blog stuff that comes my way, can’t really look for stuff on a max. of 56k. it’s always amazing to realise how used i got to the always-on lifestyle. the first few days can be tough, but i am also really looking forward to some semi-offline time. takes a few days to find the new routines, but then its like magic and i could not feel better. time seems to slow down somehow, i tend to read more, go for walks, meditate. and sometimes doing absolutely nothing is simply the best. up here i am shaking my head in disbelief at the mad mad always-on lifestyle we be living, but ofc it will only take a few days to get back into it once i’ll be back in december.

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