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[teh glorious interweb what got stuck in my camino tabs this past week]

kazakhstan [blame borat]

:flash: WEB-сайт Правительства РК – this appears to be the official kazakhstan website … but check out “The Kazakhstan mass-media”. is it just me, or is this list empty?

:flash: WEB-сайт Правительства РК – “To ask a question”. i have one, “why is the faq empty?”

:flash: Welcome to Kazakhstan!!! – lovely url. but not much going on here …

:flash: Kazakhstan – is a news network’s kazakh front.


:flash: :: ocp :: music :: – with a subject line that reads “safe sex, some drugs & no rock’n’roll” and a label called plastic4records i had to link to this netlabel release. but i admit i have not heard it yet, w. a 33k connection i have better things to download.

:flash: mOOdS plateau release – breakbeat and sample heavy release on moodsplateau.

:flash: netlabelfestival 2006 – rote fabrik zürich – – if i still was a clubber, i would def. go to this festival … helas since i am a fat couch potato now…

the rest

:flash: Support the Commons | Creative Commons – interesting fundraising idea for CC “Watch our videos and we get paid!”.

:flash: stickersafari – the international sticker award exhibition – a sticker exhibition showing the stickers in their natural habitat. albeit it’s finissage time already.

:flash: A Call to Artists – and to Owners of Broken iPods – “Why does the portable player widely considered the hallmark of savvy design typically die in little over a year? Are ipods “made to break”? Or simply, as some critics have suggested, run-of-the-mill e-waste?”

:flash: Peter Kuper in Oaxaca — UPDATED – some excellent drawings by peter kuper, of World War 3 illustrated fame, who apparently has moved to oaxaca awhile ago and now documents the uprising with his drawings. [via bb]

:flash: Podfather – “The Podfather – Parts I, II and III Three special free shows from three doyens of podcasting – multi-award winning Ricky Gervais and Steve Merchant (The Office, Extras) plus the round-headed idiot savant, Karl Pilkington.”

:flash: Cyberlovers Are Often Cyberliars – “Online daters, disappointed by potential partners lying about their age, weight or marital status, are turning to professional matchmakers to find love.” gah.

:flash: Yell – part 1 – trippy video collage. [via WFMU blog]

:flash: Explosion reported at PayPal headquarters – “A thick glass window exploded at the four-story San Jose-based PayPal headquarters Tuesday night, a San Jose fire captain said.”

:flash: Web zooms past 100 million sites – “There are now more than 100 million web sites on the Internet, which gained 3.5 million sites last month to continue the dynamic growth seen throughout 2006”

:flash: FairGame cracks iTunes using iMovie – “This script package takes an Apple-DRM-protected song (.m4p), and converts it using iMovieHD into an unprotected .mp3 file.”

:flash: tier4.wmv – “The Burning Crusade. This video will show you all classes tier 4 sets currently ingame.”

:flash: Piece By Piece : San Francisco Graffiti Documentary – “Take a journey into San Francisco’s mysterious graffiti underground. Witness the birth of the movement as told through the people that lived it.”

brag-not-brag corner

:flash: World of Warcraft Community Site -> – oh my, loookee who’s on top of the list – this week only.

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