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swiss non-crap

:flash: :: AGENT-PROVOCATEUR :: – “ lanciert den 2. Wettbewerb für Videospots zum Hier und Jetzt: was ärgert, was schockiert, was bewegt, was belustigt, was regt zum Träumen an? Gefragt sind inhaltlich pointierte und ästhetisch provozierende Filme …”

:flash: HOT LOVE – SWISS PUNK & WAVE 1976-1980 – while waiting for the official release page on this is a good enough description of the brandnew book covering swiss punk scene 1976-1980.

:flash: Swiss Artpunk MP3s – “The peaceful mountains of Switzerland may seem to not be the ideal place to inspire grimy, hateful music in the same way, say, the Lower East Side circa 1979 could get Lydia Lunch up on stage on the Bowery, but the country has produced some killer aural …”

:flash: Audio Blog: Thomas Hirschhorn – interview with thomas hirschhorn. podcast. some more info here.

:flash: Alfredo Häberli Design Development Zurich – swiss designer alfredo häberli’s website.

:flash: LIFT || A conference about technology in our society. – my attendee page for LIFT 2007.

swiss crap

:flash: Bergkäse muss aus der Bergregion stammen – “Ein Landwirtschaftsprodukt mit der Bezeichnung «Berg» soll tatsächlich aus einer Bergregion kommen.” a new regulation says, that cheese claiming to be mountain cheese now needs to be produced in the mountains … lol

:flash: … ausser wir werden verarscht (SwissBlogPress) – some interesting thoughts regarding SwissBlogPress.

cablecom vs. fredy

:flash: Noch mehr Ärger mit der Cablecom – “Das System der Schweizer Peering-Agreements wurde im Oktober erschüttert durch den Entscheid der Cablecom, unentgeltliche Peering- Agreements mit kleineren Schweizer Internet- Service-Providern (ISP) zu kündigen.”

:flash: Offener Brief an Cablecom-CEO Rudolf Fischer – go go go fredy!

:flash: Die Antwort von Cablecom-CEO Rudolf Fischer – buhhhhh cablecom ceo.

other bits and pieces

:flash: – “ is a simple tool that allows you to create your own online MP3 player. You can easily add MP3s, cover and logo images and create a simple but useful flash based MP3 player.” [via de-bug]

:flash: Eco-friendly bra doubles as shopping bag – “Lingerie manufacturer Triumph International Japan has unveiled a new type of brassiere that can be converted into a shopping bag. The “No! Shopping Bag Bra” is designed to promote the reduction of plastic bag consumption.” oh? whats wrong with plastic?

:flash: board – b3ta weekly challenge mashes up “teh internets” icons … [thx klav]

:flash: Row over Italian toilet artwork – “A toilet which flushes to the sound of Italy’s national anthem has been impounded by police in northern Italy, sparking great patriotic debate.” [via wmmna]

:flash: WorldChanging – “Worldchanging: A Users Guide for the 21st Century is a groundbreaking compendium of the most innovative solutions, ideas and inventions emerging today for building a sustainable, livable, prosperous future.” [via wmmna]

:flash: 13 Internet enemies in 2006 – List of the 13 Internet enemies in 2006 published by Reporters sans frontières.

:flash: When Being a Fake Rock Star Is Better Than the Reality – “Guitar Hero, a Videogame, Is a Big Hit With Bands; Aping That ‘Goofy Stance'” [via waxy]

:flash: Make: Technology on Your Time Volume 08 – the toys and games issue. must-have.

:flash: kayne west tantrum – “when he lost in the category for best video Kanye stormed the staged and unleashed a verbal tirade unbecoming of a gentleman.” shut up! he did spend a million … gah.

:flash: Designlicious – free calendar as pdf download. sadly the year is almost over …

:flash: Wired News: Social Bookmarking Showdown – where to park your bookmarks online, compares the various social bookmarking websites.

:flash: Oddworld Official Site Page – official website of this classic ps1 game. with demo version downloads.


:flash: German DJs and their living rooms – this is VERY silly but somehow it got me totally fascinated for quite awhile. [via reblog]

:flash: Adieu Kopierschutz – “Sagen wir es so. Alles was kopierbar ist, wird kopiert. Das passiert nicht zum Schutz eines Einzelnen. Aber es hilft manchmal der Allgemeinheit weiter. Unter Schmerzen.” not sure i agree …

:flash: Kurzhörspiel 2.0 – “Das “Blogspiel”: Hörspiele vom Audioblog aus dem Internet zurück ins Radio – Eigentlich kann sich die Kreativität von Rundfunkmachern und Internetaktiven gegenseitig viel geben…”

:flash: :: home – blogs mit radioanschluss. german portal for artistic and creative podcasts.

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